Entertainment Weekly talks about Nikki in season 4 of CBS Scorpion

Sylvester will be pulling double duty on Scorpion in season 4.

In case you forgot, Sylvester (Ari Stidham) became the new alderman for West Altadena toward the end of last season, and when the CBS drama returns, it’ll dive into what that means for Scorpion’s resident human calculator.

“His development as an alderman and as a smart, caring person who wants to do a good job for the people of the town he’s representing really develops throughout the season,” executive producer Nick Santora tells EW. “He genuinely wants to be the best he can be.”

And it turns out, Sylvester is actually killing it. “He’s saving the town millions of dollars a year, he’s cutting traffic by 16 percent, the air quality is getting better,” says Santora. “He’s doing all of this stuff with simple fixes that I think standard politicians don’t even think about, but because he’s a genius, they come easily to him.” (Maybe he can focus on the New York City subway system next?)

However, Sylvester won’t be working alone. He’ll receive some help from Patty (Nikki Castillo), the inquisitive high schooler who interviewed and endorsed him in season 3’s “Sharknerdo.” She lands an internship with him through her civics class and becomes the sidekick Sylvester needs in order to take on local politics.

“She has the energy of, like, a young Tracy Flick from Election,” says Santora. “She utterly beats the heck out of Sylvester every day. She’s so much tougher and sharper. She knows the political world of West Altadena inside and out, and she pushes and drives him. Sylvester’s about 24-years-old [and] he’s got this 16-year-old kid that he’s terrified of.”

He continues, “Over the course of the season, it becomes a really beautiful friendship. He learns a lot from her and she learns from him as well and they become pals.”

Most importantly, Patty will help Sylvester juggle his responsibilities to Team Scorpion and to his constituents. “We’re going to be seeing Sylvester trying to balance out this new task that he’s taken on with being a member of Scorpion and how does he do two things at once. What are his priorities going to be even though Patty’s beating him up but he’s gotta be someplace doing calculations so these guys can save the world?” says executive producer Nicholas Wootton. “His world is going to broaden out to a degree this season, which is nice to see for him because he had his wife die and that was very sad for him.”

Having Patty around, however, will end up complicating another one of Scorpion‘s core relationships. “Her presence in the squad will catch the interest of young Ralph [Riley B. Smith], who will develop his first crush,” teases Wootton. Adds Santora, “Paige will realize she does not like that. She is actually quite jealous that there’s another woman in the world that is getting Ralph’s attention. It’s just been her and Ralph their whole life.”

Scorpion returns Monday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

Source: http://ew.com/tv/2017/09/25/scorpion-season-4-preview-sylvester-sidekick/

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